Getting Started with the Reviewsnap API

Our customer API makes it easy to integrate other applications with Reviewsnap, manage user information across platforms, and retrieve useful review data programmatically.

Modify and Access

The Reviewsnap API provides the ability to programmatically manage common resources inside your account. Our API follows industry best practices, guaranteeing a predictable and intuitive interface for how we format responses, parse parameters, and support features like pagination, filtering, and more. For more details, please visit our technical API documentation.

Use Cases

The most common reason people use the Reviewsnap API is to sync user data across systems. This allows Reviewsnap to sync with your “System of Record” for employee data, to always have an up to date employee list – cutting down on your team’s maintenance of the system.

We also see the API used to retrieve overall review details for populating in other systems, or to automate any repetitive tasks.

What will you need before you start?

  • A Software Developer to write code
  • A Reviewsnap account
  • An API key
  • Our technical API Documentation here

Getting Started

Step One: Navigate to the ‘API Access’ page within the Settings tab on the left:

Step Two: Here you may choose to manage or grant API keys to administrator users within Reviewsnap. Choose to ‘Grant Access’ in the upper right:

Step Three: Choose the user(s) you would like to create an API key for. This list will only include Administrators and Site Administrators so you may wish to change a user’s role in order to grant API access. These users should have the technical knowledge to leverage API capabilities:

Step Four: Each user will be granted a unique API key. The full API key will be displayed only once but must be used in order to utilize Reviewsnap’s API. Be sure to download or save this information in order to share with this user for access to the API:

Step Five: This user may use their unique API key to access Reviewsnap information and configure programmatic actions connected to other systems. Be sure to share the technical API Documentation for complete information when using the Reviewsnap API.

What do I do next?

Reach out to your technical team, and let them know you’d like to connect Reviewsnap to another system, using the API. Share this article with them, and they’ll be good to go!

You can also call us at 1 (800) 516-5849

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